How to Submit a Job Request

Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help you get your job completed smoothly and efficiently.


What do I need to complete my job request?

Drawing and Model Files – Unless the job is very basic, a good quality drawing and photos will go a long way in ensuring that your job is made to your specifications.

This is where you specify material, dimensions, tolerances and required finishing such as paint colour or polish. If you do not have experience with making a drawing, please just ask and we can help.

Description of Job – This is where you should give an overview of the job and list any special considerations that may be useful. This could include details like ‘Include 4x M8 bolts’ or ‘This part attaches to part from job #4322’.


How do I make a CAD drawing?

We suggest using Autodesk Inventor or Fusion360. Inventor is available in the Software Center on every staff computer. Youtube is a great resource for tutorials on how to get started. We can assist with making a model or drawing for if required.

How to upload an Inventor file using Pack and Go

 Pack and Go collects a file and all of its referenced files and places them into a single package which allows it to be sent to a mail recipient (that’s us). All files that are referenced by a selected file are included in the package unless otherwise specified in the Pack and Go dialogue box.

What is the process after I submit my job request?

Your request will be checked and you may be contacted if any further information is required for the job. When we are confident we have sufficient information, your job will be approved and added to the job queue.

When your job is at the front of the queue, it will be assigned to one or more workshop staff. They may contact you if any further details or if a site visit is required.

On completion, you will be notified and it will be ready to collect from your specified collection point.